mIKE'S Process is Transparent,
Simple & Clearly Defines
Your Project Goals & Solutions

You’ve got a lot on your plate while focusing on Creating Your Content.
When it comes to your new website, Let MikesYourPal put your mind at ease and guide you through his Proven 3 Step Process.



  • Intake Forms
  • Extraction Interview
  • Site Map


Your Influence

  • Brand Identity
  • Style Guide
  • Custom Page Design



  • QC Across All Devices
  • Speed & Security Optimization
  • On Site SEO Optimization

Step 1: Vision Extraction

What sets you apart on your platform?
We're adamant about discovering the true nature of your personality.

Your Personality is the Catalyst that Creates Organic Growth and Builds Communities.

We believe expressing your individuality  & properly networking is the foundation of growing your community.  We’ve come up with a perfect plan to gather all the information we need to begin to communicate your influence to the world with a powerful online presence that works 24/7 365. In this step Mike will begin to fully understand your:

  • Business Goals
  • Target Market
  • Personality
  • Future Vision
  • Message & Story
  • Community

…and how all of this will collaborate into the look, feel & identity of your new site. 

Your New Site Will...

Embrace Your Vision
Grow Your Community
Communicate your Influence

You Might Ask.... How?


Strategic Intake Forms:

Inspired questions to help us gather clarity around your Personality, Influence Goals, Target Market, Community & Story  for your new site.


Extraction Interview:

We get to know your Vision & Mission. Continuing to extract your sites new style and strategy. Built around you as an Influencer! This Is when we find out if your goals and vision are aligned with Mikesyourpal’s Influencer Solutions.


Content & Photography

Please share with us any content you currently have including; Graphics, Mockups, Logos & Photography. Photography & Artwork is a must-have for all MikesYourPal sites. We will gladly work with your preferred photographer, providing professional guidance for the perfect imagery on your new site. If you need Artwork – Mike is a PRO! Checkout one of our Graphics Design Packages to incorporate custom artwork into your new site!

We Do All of This Over The Phone or...

For Our VIP Clients

we come and see you in person:

  • Live Photoshoot with a MikesYourPal IN PERSON!
  • Live Extraction Interview combing over every detail of your company vision
  • Live Copywrite session with an MYP Strategic Copywrite Developer & Storyteller

Step 2: Comunicate INFLUENCE

Copywrite & Storytelling

The time, energy, focus, and commitment it takes to write about yourself or your channel, can be daunting and overwhelming to most. It’s our honor to accept this challenge with utmost professionalism – or guide you to provide an outstanding story of your own. 

Depending on how well you communicate and engage with us, we will consult you on your messaging through recent examples and feedback, or do it for you through our MikesYourPal Strategic Copywrite Developer & Storyteller.  Simply Add The “Story Teller” Pack to your purchase and lets get started!

Blayne Bristol
Strategic Copywrite Developer
& Storyteller

Dallas born and bred, educated at The University of Texas, with an extensive sales amd performance background allows for a full range of liguistics and knowledge based writing and editing.

Lets Get Creative

This is the fun part! We take your extracted vision in its entirety,
the copy, style, photos, and story to the drawing board.
Creating artwork, graphics, and meticulously
Innovating Your New Site from Scratch!

Our talented Graphics Design team gets to work on creating a unique user interface that Embraces Your Vision, Communicate Your Influence, and Creates Growth Amongst Your Community.

We define your brand identity together through the initial Homepage design. Once you review and provide feedback, and the homepage is approved; We begin the arduous task of creating each and every page for your site following the guidelines of your Extraction Interview.

Step 3: Effective Execution

Custom Design Doesn't Always Mean
Complicated Maintenance

Have Your Cake | And Eat it Too.

We provide you with fully custom branded website that communicates your personality and embraces your vision. Designed from scratch on a blank canvas using one of the worlds most powerful content management systems called Elementor Pro. We install Elementor on wordpress, making maintenance for you as simple as dragging your new and updated content into the designated placeholder. Update and maintain your site with simplicity and ease. – Be sure to check out our Maintenance Blog!  

We Offer Peace Of Mind

Throughout our entire proven process. Including access to our project management system. So you can check in on the status of your project at any step, at anytime, day or night! Witness every aspect of quality control on your project as we test all devices, screen resolutions, and browsers in todays high powered digital economy. Optimizing for Speed Security and on Site SEO. Once it’s all approved….3,2,1….

Blast Off!

Once the site is finalized and approved, we handle any domain transfers, hosting, and fully launch your new MikesYourPal powered website. 

How Long Does it take?

30-45 days.  Although there are opportunities to accelerate the timeline by effectively communicating and providing feedback promptly. 

Bonus Step: MYP Evolution

  • Gain Access to our client portal and ticketing platform to resolve issues.
  • Backups, Security, Analytics