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A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

Project Overview:

Time to completion: APPROXIMATELY 8 hrs

  • TakedownTV
  • Animated Avatar + Cat Stream Alerts
  • After Effects + Photoshop + Illustrator
  • Animated Alerts Pack
  • 4 Hour Live Stream

For this project Mikesyourpal Live streamed the creation of seamless looping alerts to be assigned as stream alerts for the one and only, TakedownTV’s live stream. Assets were meticulously handcrafted by Mikesyourpal. 


This project features a 8 Hour Stream with live feedback and direction from the TDTV!  However due to data loss the project timelapse has been lost. However, the memories were definetly made! Check out another TakedownTV timelapse below instead. 

Final Result:

PRODUCT Features:

This project features the following MikesYourPal Products:


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Mike is an industry leader in web development & marketing, with an extensive 17+ year background in 2D & 3D Animation, Graphic Design & Visual Effects. 

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TakedownTV Animated Avatar Alerts

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