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Major @The ICE SQUAD Professional Gaming Team.

Why I Stream

In May 2018 my best friend of nearly 17 years – Justin Aaron Davis, passed away in a car crash at age 30. This reality shook the foundation of which I stand. Streaming was always something we wanted to do and I believe he would have been a huge success. I started the stream in his memory unaware of impact it would make on my life. I began to love interacting with my viewers and sharing my gaming experience with new and exciting people every day! Streaming has now become a passion I will adamandly pursue for many years to come.

GAMES i play

Currently Streaming Content For the Following Games:

STREAMing setup

  • DELL Precision T7500 Worksation - Stream PC
  • RIG 800LX Wireless
  • Elgato HD60 PRO
  • Corsair K95 Slim
  • Logitech G502 Hero
  • Elgato Stream Deck
  • Xbox One S
  • Playstation 4 Pro
  • 2x MSI 27" Optix 144hz 1ms
  • Samsung 50" 4k 120hz
  • HP 23" Verticle Chat Monitor

My setup is constantly adapting to meet the needs of todays most advanced streamers


4.5GHz Intel Core i7-7700K
32GB DDR4 | 240GB SSD + 3TB HDD
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
Phanteks Eclipse P400 Mid-Tower Case



General Commands Used In MikesYourPals Chat


Redeem your PalPoints for cool custom MikesYourPal Regular/Follower only Features!




Earn !palpoints to !redeem for participating in all Mini-games


Fun to use “moods” of mike 

A Letter For Justin

Justin A A Ron Davis July 28, 1987 – May 26, 2018

The best Friend I ever had

15 years, where do I begin? We met in Nov, 2003 at Richardson High School for both of our sophomore years. I just moved from Oklahoma and was the new kid at school. We had AutoCAD class together with Matthew but you sat on the other side of the lab and we didnt talk much yet. One day at lunch in the courtyard I saw a kid come up to you and sucker punch you while you were just minding your own business. You were always bullied which is horse shit cause you were such a cool kid who would help anyone in need. I ran to your defense and from that moment forward we were blood and started talking in class. You were fruit-booting back then but I didn’t care cause I loved to skate versatile also. Truthfully it didn’t matter how many wheels you got on, you could send it further than anyone I ever met to this day. Backflip 720’s over the “w” at Eisenbergs like the cookies you baked off pure instinct in your sleep. I learned immediately how passionate you were about being in the culinary program and knew you’d be “the best chef in Dallas” just like you always used to say. I learned immediately how passionate you were. You asked me if you could date my sister when we must’ve been 17. Young, stupid, and only one of the first of many lessons you taught me, I valued your character so much that I allowed this travesty to take place 😂. We grew together from young boys into men. From Dr. Peppers to Cold Beers. We went from talking about cars and dreaing about women, to building our cars and trucks and loving our girlfriends, and finding out what it meant to have our hearts broken and fall in love….together. Road trips, clubhouses, sleepovers, ect. We fought for each other at the drop of a dime, we fought with each other over the stupidest crap. We held on and cried together, and we laughed until we cried together on most occasions. You we’re the funniest guy I ever met. Some people had a hard time with the pranks you pulled, like you never grew up. The more upset your victims fell, the better the prank in your eyes. You’re the reason they designed window locks in cars. I get you. I loved it just much as you did, and boy would we get creative. As we got older you continued to be plagued with simple difficulties that made life so much more difficult than it needed to be for you. You didn’t deserve all the shit sandwiches fed to you, but it made you the Justin we all knew and loved and never stopped you from being a mostly truly happy guy. I loved you at your worst even if you felt alone. I sure wish I had picked up the phone more at times. You were always the most excited person in the room even if what were excited about was extra basic. Never seen anyone get so excited about such little things that you thought were badass. Didn’t matter how basic it was to anyone else because you saw it with admiration and could be proud. So many lessons that are so simple, we see right past everyday until you were taken from us. I hope I can live up to your passion. I know those are some big shoes to fill.

8 months ago we got into it bad. Worst fight we ever had. To make it worse we got into in a chat lobby online gaming with a bunch of mutual friends present. Everyone heard everything. A lot of people blocked me after that. Once before years ago, a similar argument kept our distance for almost a year, I was so hurt by you. When we finally got over that hump we were strong together. If you had beef with either one of us you better handle it when we weren’t together cause you had to get through both of us. This fight made that one seem like the cookies you bake in your sleep. You called me out for being an irresponsible father. Although I feel you misunderstood the entirety of the circumstances, being a dad is hard work and you cut me deep because part of me knew that pieces of what you were saying to me were true and that I could be a better father. We are both the most stubborn person I know. In return I lashed out at you. I had bottled up some hard things to say to you about getting your shit together and your priorities straight. I let it out like a flood and I wasn’t nice about it. I let you have it just like our friendship….With everything I had. I know it hurt you because even if all of it wasn’t true, you knew deep down just like me that pieces of it were. We cut each other DEEP. Ive missed you so much. I knew time would heal and mend our friendship again. I knew that we would be strong again. I knew that if you had beef with me, you better wait until I was alone to handle it because you’d have to go through the both of us. This time has been taken from us too soon. But part of me knows you felt this way too and I find peace in that.

The last time I saw you was weird, I knew I was going to see you cause I was at a mutual friends house. He said that you were going to stop by in a few minutes if I wanted to see you since it had been a week or so since our fight. As soon as he told me you were on the way, even though a big part of me wanted to stay and see you. I put my helmet and jacket on, jumped on my bike and rode like the wind. I wanted to see you. I wanted to fight with you again because I cared so much about you, I was still hurting pretty bad from the potential loss of my greatest friendship so I was feeling confused, vulnerable, and angry. On my drive home I kept thinking to myself. “I hope I see him driving, I hope I see him driving” sure enough I saw you turning left out in front of me at Beltline & Plano. I flashed hy headlight at you and you threw your hands up and me. We were about to pick up right where we left off a week before. As I’m waiting for the red light to turn he pulls up next to me and is yelling some nonsense I cant hear though ambient noise, But hes pointing and telling me to pull over so we can throw down. We would have too. Being the first time since we had seen eachother since our fight, there would have been blood. We were no strangers to kicking eachothers asses when we needed it. The biggest regret I have is going fast enough that I knew you wouldnt be able to keep up, We should have thrown down that day so we could be strong again but my stubbornness got in the way of that.

I never met anyone that gave me the brutally honest truth no matter how bad he knew it was going to piss me off. Even if it meant we were going to get into a fight and have to find a way to come back out on top together. All of my friends and loved ones reading this can expect the same from me because of his strength and courage that lives in me forever. Ill never forget you Justin, I hope I continue to salvage memories ive thought were long gone for years and years to come. I know the tears will soon turn to laughter as we cherish the times we spent together. I have lifelong friendships in the mutual friends we made together throughout our journey and we cant thank you more for the gift you gave us. We are all here for each other forever, I know it. Ill never make the same mistakes again and ill never miss an opportunity to show my friends and loved ones I care because of you.

I know the ramps are huge in heaven. I know the roads are freshly paved and you’ve got all the wheels you could ever burn through. I love you so much.

Send it, Brother.


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